Final Public Notice for The Happy Church Restoration Project


Welcome to the official page for the Final Public Notice (FPN) regarding the upcoming restoration and flood mitigation project at The Happy Church, Breathitt County, Kentucky. This project is supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under their Public Assistance (PA) Program.

Importance of This Notice

This Final Public Notice serves to inform our congregation and the local community about the necessary repair and restoration work at The Happy Church facilities. According to FEMA guidelines, this notice must be made publicly available for review for 15 days before the work begins.

What Is Covered In The Notice

The Final Public Notice outlines the planned restoration work to return the interiors and components of various buildings, including the Gym and Store building, Emmee’s Place Building, Barn Building, Abbey Building, and Chicken Coop, back to their pre-disaster condition. A significant flood mitigation measure includes replacing the existing floor of the Happy Lane Gym and Store building with a concrete floor.

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