Happy Church Clayhole

A “Kid focused” ministry in the foot hills of Appalachia

Happy Church Clayhole started in 1939 as Clayhole Brethren Church. This church has an amazingly rich history that has produced pastors that have reached thousands for Christ. Started by Sewell Landrum, this little church in the foothills of Appalachia produced pastors like Clyde Landrum, Harold “HP” Combs, and “Good Looking” (his words ☺) Robert “Bob” Combs, as an example. The church has been blessed to have pastors like Ward Tressler, Robert Dale, Ray Sturgil, Lorie Keck, and many more. Randy Adams is the current campus pastor and is continuing the great tradition of preaching the gospel and actively loving the community for Christ. The Happy Church was asked for assistance in the fall of 2017 and is honored and excited to reenergize this ministry. 🙂


SUNDAYS @ 4:00pm

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